Monitor vessel movements, analyze logistics data in real-time, and generate comprehensive reports to streamline your operations. Empowering import/export professionals with streamlined sea freight visibility.

3 Free containers

No Credit Card Required

Invite your team without limit


List building is expensive and disjointed

Sign multiple database subscriptions

Get locked into inflexible annual contracts with providers

Combine different sources into messy spreadsheets

No way to enrich containers and sync back to your CRM

Spend hours setting up your logistic process


List building is easy: get data from anywhere in one place

Containers database of 80+ million containers

Pay as you go pricing for flexibility and control over spending

Multi-source container data with over 180+ carriers

Seamless CRM enrichment and syncing with CSV files

Use webhooks to integrate with any source on the Internet

Build the perfect container

list with

verified status

Use advanced views and filters to gather your containers from Sinay's database of 180 shipping line and 80+ million containers.

Get full container transportation


without blind spots

Examine the full transportation itinerary for your containers, ensuring there are no blind spots along your journey.

Stay ahead and avoid costly

detention and demurrage fees.

Prevent expensive delays and streamline your container operations with Sinay's comprehensive tracking and analysis tools, ensuring you stay ahead of detention and demurrage fees.

Daily report, alerts and

notifications on change

Stay informed with real-time updates through daily reports, alerts, and notifications, ensuring timely decision-making.

When you're ready for comprehensive logistics management, Safecube has you covered.

“ Safecube has quickly become an essential tool for our business as shipping uncertainty intensifies. The platform provides real time data all in one place with a sleek and modern design making it easily digestible for the whole team. ” 

Brad Hiscoke

Supply Chain and Operations Manager

Multi-source data

Gain insights from over 180 shipping lines, providing you with robust and comprehensive data to enhance your logistics operations.

Import & Export with Excel

Simplify your data management by seamlessly importing and exporting container and vessel information with Excel, ensuring efficient and accurate logistics operations.

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