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Annual payement

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Free Plan

Get a taste of SINAY for individuals, explorers, and early startups.


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5 credits per month

Accredited emissions calculations

GLEC, GHG & ISO 14083 reporting

Geocoding & APIs

Container CO2 tool

Vessel CO2 tool

Subcribe when you need more volume.

Starter Plan

End-to-end visibility for growing startups and small teams.




-> 1897.5€ per year

1500 credits per month

50 shipments (container tracking)

Everything in our Free plan

Apps & Web Integration

Bulk import / export with CSV

CSV file export & Certificates

Offsetting marketplace

CSV file export

Enterprise Plan

Powerful insights for teams looking to turbocharge growth.


Made for specific volume

Unlimited credits per month

Apps & Web Integration

Co2 & Noise Analytics Report

Shared Data Views for collaboration

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