Track vessels effortlessly with Sinay. Get AIS data, real-time schedules, and predicted ETAs and ETDs for seamless, data-driven operations planning.

We combined data from over

180+ shipping companies

to provide the most accurate tracking.

Containers Vessels

RoRo Vessels

Bulk Vessels

Find up-to-date information

Live AIS position

ETA & ETD Predictions

Latest Schedules

Discover Safecube's container tracking platform, and get your container’s list in one place

Live AIS vessel position

merged into your container view

Real-time AIS vessel positions seamlessly integrated into your container tracking interface, providing instant visibility and enhanced monitoring capabilities.


vessel schedules

for comprehensive journey

Reliable vessel schedules ensure comprehensive journey planning, providing accurate ETA, ETD, and port details for efficient logistics management from port to delivery.

Proactively manage impact


ETA and ETD predictions

Proactively manage the impact of ETA and ETD predictions to optimize operational efficiency and maintain reliable logistics planning across your entire supply chain.

When you're ready for comprehensive logistics management, Safecube has you covered.

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